Are you a Mum starting out in business who wants more?

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Are you a busy Mum starting up a business? Or do you have aspirations to become your own boss?! How quickly do you see your success manifesting? Imagine how confident you will feel if you were connected to a support network of likeminded women. Do you know how to keep your energy levels high when you juggling responsibilities within your home and business activities?

This special invitation is perfect for you if you are ready to take immediate action in areas of your life and business where you are feeling frustrated.

In our ever changing world many Mums are feeling overwhelmed by societal expectations. If you can relate to this, don't worry you are not alone.

  • Do you know how to design the life you really want to live over the next ten years with game plans for each significant area of your life?
  • Are you looking for practical ways to increase your energy levels so you can prioritise your self self care as you develop your business?
  • Do you have big goals and a buckets full of ambitions, but lack confidence in accelerating your business start up plans?
  • Are you struggling to gain clarity on the best direction you should take in life?
  • Are you open to working on your personal and mindset development to build solid foundations for your personal growth?
  • Are you trying different marketing methods and would welcome guidance? 
  • Are you searching for a community of like minded Mums who are designing a balanced life for their health and business?

Imagine, how you would feel if your daily routine enabled you to prioritise your personal development, health, nutrition and exercise?

Making change for the better will be easier if you have the right information. Picture how it would feel if you could gain feedback, encouragement and support from like-minded women at every step of your lifestyle transformation journey?

What would practical advice be worth if you could access the first steps to long term transformation for no cost, without leaving your home? 


"This woman is an inspiration! She has helped me to have more get up and go and I'm really enjoying the pramfit that we do and getting to know Vanessa a lot more! She is amazing and I would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone thinking or struggling with fitness or just the get up and go you need.

Keep being you Vanessa! We love you!!

Amy, Nottingham

Now is your time to design the life you want to live!

Do you have a strong desire to live a healthy active lifestyle? Do you have the level of finances and wealth you need to live the type of lifestyle you and your family deserve? Where is your mindset in terms of giving you the confidence to make bold steps to live the life of your dreams?

Is your present approach working? If you have started looking at some success strategies. Are you consistently taking action? Do you get so far and then start feeling stuck? Or worse still, do you find yourself self sabotaging by over eating on unhealthy food? Never-mind the excuses you tell yourself to justify living life from the comfort of your settee. Are you finding time to move your body to feel and see the benefits of regular exercise? Are you feeding your mind with knowledge to help you take action on implementing your goals?

"Hey Vanessa...That was absolutely brilliant!

You make complete sense. I've ended my evening with a positive zoom [call]. I'm going to look at planning things much closer tomorrow. Overall, it was absolutely fantastic what you've done tonight! I'll be highly recommending you. I think you know your stuff. You're very honest and humble and it shines through!"

Emma, Nottingham

If your self doubt is holding you back from feeling positive about your long-term prospect to succeed. Now is exactly the right time to take simple steps to help you believe in your abilities. If you are looking to reconnect to your personal development, health and well-being you are in the right place.

Are you serious about making positive changes?

If you have answered 'YES' to any of the questions above register now and join other like-minded Mums to work with transformation Lifestyle Coach Vanessa Augustus in a FREE Facebook community to access Vanessa's 'Daily Direction' evening show and a pre-recorded online workshop (the 1 hour recordings can be viewed over 3 days)

Inside a private area on my website you will discover 7 simple steps to help you immediately direct you on a journey of self discovery and long lasting transformation.

In the FREE pre-recorded online workshop Vanessa is going to show you:

  • How to set realistic goals, raise your confidence and ignite a positive transformation into your life!
  • How to get started on a positive pathway to Personal Development, Nutrition, Well-being and Wealth Expansion!
  • The 7 elements to weave into your life create long term change!


There is a LIMITED opportunity for you to access THREE monthly FREE monthly Mastermind Group Coaching sessions (offer ends 31 March 2021)

" I serve entrepreneurial Mums who want more in life and business. I can help if you are struggling to reconnect to a daily routine that focuses on your health and personal development goals. The '7 Steps to a Better You' online workshop will support you to take your first steps to a longer term transformation".

Vanessa Augustus, Lifestyle Coach for Start-up Entrepreneurial Mums

Vanessa Augustus is a gifted Lifestyle Coach. After overcoming her own challenges as a single parent, Vanessa started to design the life she wanted to live. Learning from other coaches and the world's leading marketing experts, Vanessa makes a positive difference in the life of other women, especially Mums in a start up enterprise.

"I've been where you are now Mama in a startup business. I understand your frustrations. I have a results-driven approach to help you move forward".

If you want to get to know Vanessa and learn more about her journey. Take action now on her teachings. In doing so, you will discover how her guidance will help you to focus on your self care, personal development and business strategy.

Working with Vanessa will give you clarity on how your growth in business will help you to design and create your ideal life. If you take action on Vanessa's knowledge and wisdom you will see and feel the benefits of your life transformation within 90 days.

Vanessa is best coach for life change and very encouraging, supportive and funny. She even got me to exercise!!

Thank you for inviting me onto the '7 Steps to a Better You' [free online workshop] - an excellent personal development course. It has challenged me to set bigger goals and brought clarity to the work I need to do on myself in order to achieve them....

The course is a useful tool for any mum wishing to strengthen her vision, set big life goals and learn what is needed in order to achieve them. Also packed with thoughtful quotes and information to uplift, motivate and inspire you.

I've really enjoyed it thank you Vanessa!”

Jojo, Nottingham

In this FREE pre-recorded online workshop Vanessa will give you 7 simple steps you can implement into your life to help you overcome your self doubt.

After the workshop you will have a success road map set out to help you achieve you achieve your lifestyle goals straight way! 

Register NOW to receive password so you can view the pre-recorded workshop 

 7 Ways to Kick Start Your Daily Routine and Create Long lasting Positive Transformation!

If you're not sure why you need personal development in your life check out this motivational video which shows you why you need to spend time investing in yourself. Click link here to watch it (opens new window)


P.S The exclusive offer to join the with a limited number of places during the live call. Anything Vanessa does usually gets booked up fast, so I recommend you sign up before you miss the opportunity of a lifetime. 

: Vanessa-Mary:

Lifestyle Coach for Mums